On Tuesday, the former President Donald Trump made decisive statements to preclude Democrat President Joe Biden from taking credit for probably the greatest achievement of his administration: the lightning-speed development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

As America’s public life is gradually progressing to normalcy, with many states steadily removing the lockdowns and the CDC easing up mask mandates, the Biden administration has unfairly been trying to snatch Trump’s legacy in combating the pandemic.

That shouldn’t surprise you too much.

While the Democrat President could have contributed in some positive way, and Trump may have erred at the beginning, when tackling this unprecedented, new public enemy, there is no doubt that the latter has a stronger claim to who did the most to defeat the coronavirus outbreak.

America is leading the world in vaccination thanks to Trump’s quick reaction

Trump unequivocally explained why America has managed to gain the upper hand against COVID-19, like no other country in the world did.

Namely, the Trump administration worked to make the development of vaccine happen at a record pace and secured early on their purchase and distribution.

While other countries are lagging behind in the production, distribution, and approval of their vaccines, most approved and used brands of anti-covid vaccines are American, which is good enough evidence of how quickly and effectively the Trump administration responded.

The former President declared how grateful he was to all members of his administration who worked strenuously to see vaccine development in just nine months, although the ‘doomsayers’ claimed it would take up to 5 years to come up with an efficient and safe vaccine.

Trump explicitly thanked the military of the United States for the unprecedented help with vaccine distribution and its logistics.

He deservedly praised the success of Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership in which the US government worked to secure $18 billion for the development, production, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Trump called that one of humanity’s “greatest miracles” of all times, and the greatest scientific accomplishment of the 21st century.

Additionally, the pioneering research and development technology of coronavirus vaccines could aid the development of vaccines against other viruses such as HIV and other virus-caused diseases.

Biden is selective as expected

Against the backdrop of recent public opinion polls showing Biden gets the most points for tackling the pandemic, Trump clearly detailed how the current success actually went back to his own administration.

The Democrat President has been seeking to subvert Trump’s landmark achievements in areas such as securing the border and combating illegal immigration, cracking down on nasty ideologies such as critical race theory and transgenderism, or boosting peace in the Middle East.

Yet, when it comes to Operation Warp Speed, Biden, and the Democrats have stubbornly been trying to appropriate it, including false allegations that Trump hadn’t established any vaccine distribution network.

Even if the Biden administration may have contributed to the betterment of the vaccine distribution system to some extent, it was the Trump administration that put it in place and set it in motion.

Biden wouldn’t give his predecessor any well-deserved credit for that.

That is why it was essential for Trump to set the record straight – as he just did with honor and decisiveness.