Statistics on COVID-19 have been skillfully and guilefully utilized by an ugly assortment of governments, big pharma, progressivists, “social justice warriors”, and authoritarians alike in order to mislead the public on a grand scale regarding the pandemic and vaccines, Canadian writer David Solway states in a commentary for PJMedia.

Citing a number of objective sources and calculations, Solway points out how governments boosted the number of casualties among those found to be infected with the virus and reduced the number of casualties among those subjected to vaccination.

As the usage of fake statistics, however, appears to be far and wide, the writer notes that what has been unfolding in the form of the COVID-19 scandal has been one gigantic “damn lie”.

A gigantic damn lie!

Those kinds of lies are in fact among the best possible weapons out there, used by various sorts of “experts” seeking to achieve the manipulating and frightening of the public in order to control it.

Solway cites the Medical Microbiology chair of the University of Mainz in Germany, Sucharit Bhakdi, who shows that the German disease agency, RKI, the equivalent of the CDC in America, has been “playing” around with coronavirus numbers.

The RKI found that 7,000 COVID-19 deaths out of 170,000 infections made a 4% fatality rate.

However, it ignored the fact that the real total number of infections was ten times higher, or even bigger when mild or asymptomatic cases are counted in, which would translate into an actual fatality rate of only 0.4%.

Yet, the true coronavirus death rate was even lower, between 0.24% and 0.26%, when excluding from the mortality count the cases of infected people who died of other causes – ranging from other diseases to car accidents.

An article in the British Medical Journal by Dr. Peter Doshi explains that while Pfizer has reported a relative risk-reduction rate of 95% for its vaccine, given that there are 20 times more suspected cases, that risk-reduction figure drops to only 19%.

And even that latter and much lower figure assumes veridical data.

That is clearly much lower than the threshold of 50% effectiveness of vaccines required for authorization by regulators.

Manipulation at its finest!

Solway emphasizes a pattern discerned time and again: The interested participants in the COVID-19 scandal are engaging in the systematic elimination of unfavorable factors, thus arriving at statistical implications that are hugely misleading but have been widely used to sway and manipulate the public.

According to the commentary, there is no way to deny that vaccine efficacy is low, and data collection and stats have been used to cover that up.

In a recent case that Solway cites as an example, the CDC has censured unfavorable data regarding breakthrough infections.

According to The Guardian, the CDC has adjusted its testing protocols: it is bringing down the number of “breakthrough cases” through the lowering of vaccinated people’s test cycles and the increasing of unvaccinated people’s test cycles.

The higher the test cycle numbers, the more cases one can discover, and vice versa, thus making ample use of a policy that can be shifted on an “as needed” basis – it can systematically inflate some numbers while simultaneously minimizing others, an awe-inspiring tool of large-scale public deception, the writer notes.

He cites further The Guardian newspaper as concluding that if reasonable test cycles had been employed for all, no pandemic would have existed in the first place.