Andy Slavitt, until recently the COVID-19 adviser of Democrat President Joe Biden, has caused public outrage by declaring that Americans didn’t make enough sacrifice during the pandemic in order to stop it earlier!

Slavitt, a businessman and healthcare civil servant, was the temporary senior adviser on COVID-19 in the Biden administration for nearly five months – from January until early June 2021.

Before that, during the Obama administration, he served as the acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

First mistake - Trump!

Slavitt made the highly controversial remarks on Americans’ insufficient pandemic sacrifice, as he sees it, during a CBS News interview earlier this week, in which he was presenting his book on the COVID-19 pandemic, “Preventable”.

When asked by the host how much of the COVID-19 pandemic was in fact preventable, Slavitt argued that the US would have been affected by the global coronavirus outbreak anyway but that the nation’s mistakes should be counted in order to avoid repeating them in the future.

He said that while America had some “technical mistakes” with respect to testing and protective equipment, it also committed two other types of mistakes and many lives were lost because of those.

The former Biden adviser stated that the first of these two other mistake types were political leadership mistakes – he argued that the Trump administration initially denied COVID-19 for too long and that was against the backdrop of internal division and dissent.

The second additional type of mistake, according to Slavitt, however, pertains to the entire American public.

Second mistake - Americans!

In his words – which has been precisely the quote that has caused outrage – Americans need to ask themselves what they could do better next time and why they haven’t been able to “sacrifice a little bit” more for each other’s sake, in order to save lives.

The host reacted immediately by asking the ex-Biden adviser how exactly the public could have sacrificed more, and what more should be done in the near future to fend off new dangerous COVID-19 variants.

Slavitt retorted by arguing that in reality only “a couple of simple things” needed to be done.

The first thing he advocated was to somehow guarantee health insurance to all people living close to the edge, namely, those who serve the public daily – including workers in agriculture, grocery stores, warehouses, and delivery.

The former civil servant also declared that during the pandemic there was one group of American society that was doing very well, while others weren’t so lucky.

Slavitt pointed out that preventing a pandemic is about not breathing near each other in large spaces, which necessitates “a certain amount of sacrifice.”