Not long ago, Joe Biden announced, to considerable fanfare, that his administration planned to have 70% of the US population vaccinated by July 4 and to export 80 million doses of the COVID vaccine around the world by June 30.

As time ticks by and those deadlines draw ever closer, it is becoming clear that neither of those goals will be met.

Split Opinions Over Lockdowns

Lockdown acceptance and compliance has varied throughout the country. Many have been frustrated over having their business and lives affected by restrictions. So when solutions were proposed, many of the people most outraged by the issue simply chose not to participate (or not believe) in the options that were offered. This began with masks and hybrid schools and moved to vaccines.

When vaccines became freely available, Biden chose the symbolic date of July 4 by which to get enough people vaccinated to fully reopen the country. It is hard to say what will happen during the planned celebration that included fireworks and an invitation to a crowd of 1000 essential workers and military families.

Failed Goal Outcomes

Without a major change, that goal will not be met. Far too many people are simply refusing to take the vaccine. In many cases, the choice to vaccinate or not falls squarely within party lines. However, a large anti-vax population can be found on both political sides. Individual states have tried different incentives like lotteries, but this has not made a difference to as many people as state and national governments had hoped.

And as for Biden’s target of 80 million exported vaccine doses by June 30, that will not be met either. To date, according to the Associated Press, fewer than 10 million vaccine doses have been shipped around the world.