Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris has stunned the American public with a fresh batch of perplexing comments as she appears to have dispatched left-wing activists to people’s homes as a means of harassing them into taking a COVID-19 vaccine so that the Biden administration can meet its July 4 inoculation goal.

Democrat President Joe Biden has set America’s Independence Day as the deadline for having at least 70% of Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus in a push to battle the pandemic.

The Democrat Vice President’s questionable remarks sending off activists to harass American citizens into receiving COVID-19 jabs came during a visit to Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of last week.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Democrat President Biden or his VP Harris herself that Americans may be refusing to be inoculated against the coronavirus for a wide range of reasons.

Instead, the Biden administration is pressuring the public to reach the 70% vaccination goal so that it can then exert power over those who haven’t been vaccinated.

Harris doesn’t care about lives. She cares about making herself look good

Harris’s comments boil down solely to Biden’s administration’s thirst for power.

As she directed leftist volunteers on their door-to-door harassment quest, Harris even gave them some pointers on how to persuade those who still remain reluctant to subject themselves to COVID-19 vaccines.

She instructed the campaigners that when they encounter citizens who justify their not having received a shot with being too busy, they should tell them that pharmacies now are being kept open 24/7 across the country precisely so that anybody could get a shot regardless of what time they can make that – even people working two jobs.

Harris said that if American citizens object that they can’t miss work to get a shot, the leftist activists should immediate respond that some employers are offering paid time off work so their employees can get vaccines.

She added that those with young children shouldn’t worry either, since the Biden administration is partnering with the YMCA, KinderCare, and Learning Care Group to give free childcare during vaccination and recovery.

And for those Americans who don’t own cars and don’t have convenient public transportation, the Democrat Vice President told the left-wing activists to respond that free roundtrip rides are available from rideshare companies.

Harris’ desperate call to leftist activists for an all-out vaccination crusade, however, appears to have come too little, too late, since on Tuesday, the White House in the face of Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the July 4 goal in all likelihood will not be reached, and blamed the failure on the young adults’ reluctance to have COVID-19 shots.