The Cinderella season of the North Carolina State baseball team came to a screeching halt on June 26 when the NCAA announced that the game against Vanderbilt University was declared a no-contest. As a result of the announcement, Vanderbilt advanced to the next round of the College World Series while North Carolina State’s season ended abruptly. The surprising news was a disappointment to the Wolfpack players and fans.

Why the Cancelation?

The day before the game was to be played, North Carolina State only had nine available players with just four pitchers. The reason that the roster was so depleted was because of the strict NCAA COVID-19 protocols.

Two unvaccinated players tested positive for the virus the week that the game was to be played. Per NCAA protocols, the rest of the team needed to be tested. As a result of this mass testing, four more positive tests were revealed.

Details of Testing

What is most surprising is that the four new tests were in players that had been vaccinated. The official NCAA protocols exempt vaccinated individuals with no COVID-19 symptoms from the routine testing. However, the rules also state that vaccinated student-athletes may be tested if there is a high rate of transmission within the area. This is how the four new positive cases were detected.

Coach Reaction

Coach Elliott Avent said that it was not his place to mandate that his players get vaccinated. Avent said that his only job was to teach them the game of baseball and ensure that they get a college education. As such, he did not ask his players to get the vaccine.