As the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden, and Biden himself, are embarking on a renewed vaccination push and raising alarm over new COVID-19 variants, the question looms large as to why it isn’t closing down the US-Mexico border.

Thus, if the Biden administration is truly concerned and is to be believed that new variants of the coronavirus should be taken “very seriously”, it faces a clear-cut choice as to whether to shut the border, writers PJ Media columnist Stacey Lennox in a commentary.

What is more, Biden would certainly be justified to use the US military in order to do that, she says, arguing that the United States should limit travel from Latin America as soon as possible since the region is rapidly emerging as a breeding ground for new COVID-19 variants.

If Biden fails to do that while crying foul over the danger of the new variants, that would mean that he and his team would be prioritizing the Democrat political agenda over the well-being and health of the American citizens.

Otherwise, the Biden administration should adopt an interpretation presently espoused by Latin American scientists, which is also consistent with humanity’s prior experience with other viruses, Lennox writers.

You can’t have it both ways

Despite possible high transmissibility rates, new variants are becoming no more virulent and potentially even less so – an observation presently made in Israel, a country with a high percentage of vaccinated citizens tackling the delta variant.

There is no way, however, that the Biden team can have it both ways, simultaneously raising alarm about the COVID variants and keeping the border wide open.

Precisely because of the delta variant, which appears to be less virulent albeit more contagious, the residents of Los Angeles are once again required to wear masks, the PJ Media commentator points out.

As Fauci is once again telling vaccinated Americans to mask because of the delta variant, countless illegal Latin American immigrants are pouring through the southern US border and mostly likely importing new variants of the coronavirus.

Americans can hardly be blamed for no longer listening to the authorities considering such highly inconsistent and mixed messages coming from the Biden staff, Lennox concludes.

She cites statements and developments from Israel, Europe, and Latin America to underscore the fact that the new variants such as delta and even lambda, the variant that has emerged in Peru, are showing either reduced virulence or at least the same level of virulence as the prior variants.

Biden has to protect Americans

That conclusion clearly negates the need for the latest alarmist posture adopted by the Biden administration on the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The UK in particular, which has been overwhelmingly dealing with the delta variant, is preparing to lift pandemic restrictions on July 19.

Meanwhile, an Israel computational biologist, Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute, concluded that the risk of falling seriously sick from the delta variant is smaller, with 3-5 people per 1,000 cases compared with 20-30 people per 1,000 cases during previous waves.

With respect to the lambda variant, which accounts for 82% of COVID-19 infections in Peru, WHO virologist Jairo Mendez-Rico has explained that there is no indication that it is more aggressive even if it might have higher infection rates.

Latin America is very likely to become the new epicenter for new variants.

Colombia in particular has been gripped by the B.1.621 variant, which is highly contagious and emerged there in January.

Against that backdrop, with the much-touted serious concerns of the Biden administration over new variants, the only logical and responsible step for Biden would be to shut down the US-Mexican border to reduce the influx of new types of infections from Latin America.

If he is able to put the health of American citizens first, that is.