Los Angeles County officials announced that they plan to reinstate the indoor mask mandate to all citizens, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.

The measure, prompted by an increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalization, is planned to start today (Saturday), at 11:59 p.m.

The Los Angeles County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis expressed his condolences to people who lost their loved ones during the pandemic, adding that he expects the mask mandate to hold until there are improvements in the COVID-19 transmission rates.

Namely, just in a one-month period, there has been an increase from 210 daily cases in the mid of June to around 1,500 today, which is the highest figure in the County since March.

Similar recommendations were made earlier by San Francisco Bay Area officials.

They recommended that each citizen wears a mask in indoor locations regardless of their vaccination status.

The decision arrived despite the fact that San Francisco, the largest city in the area, has a high 83 percent total vaccination rate.

Experts, such as Alameda County Health Officer Dr. Nicholas Moss, blamed the more transmissible delta variant for the newly identified spread of the virus.

They encouraged everyone to take preventative measures in order to spare their health and the healthcare capacities in the area.

Donald Trump, Jr. reacts to the mandate

The announcement of the indoor mask mandate provoked many people’s negative responses.

One of them is former President’s son Donald Trump, Jr. In a video shared at Rumble, the younger Trump accused Los Angeles County officials of authoritarian behavior.

He asked why there is any need to wait for three days until the mandate comes into effect if the spread of the virus is an emergency, as described by Los Angeles County officials.

Trump, Jr expressed his suspicion that the primary goal behind the decision is to exercise control over Los Angeles County citizens.

To support his claim, former President Trump’s son pointed to the chart describing the movement of new COVID-19 cases during the last 18 months.

Trump, Jr. indicated that there is no justification in imposing the mandate when the rise is so low compared to the earlier stages of the pandemic.

Trump’s son invited each citizen to consult their doctors about what to do, adding that even Fauci’s emails revealed that experts do not truly view mask-wearing as an effective measure.

It is obvious that many people share Trump, Jr.’s concerns.

Given so many turbulences and contradictory recommendations, no one can feel any certainty regarding how to behave during the upcoming stages of the pandemic.