A growing number of senior officials of the Biden administration are now starting to believe in the theory that COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab in the Virology Institute in Wuhan, a line of thinking previously flatly rejected and even ridiculed by the left-wing establishment.

However, a marked shift is taking place in which more and more key figures for the Democrat President’s administration are backing the lab leak theory, according to a report by CNN.

While many remain divided, and many are still supporting the natural origin theory with respect to the coronavirus, the shift is remarkable, considering the reaction that President Donald Trump and several European scientists got last year when they first put forth the lab-leak theory for the origin of the virus, which has killed more than 4 million worldwide (according to official tallies) and has infected almost 190 million.

Even CNN is supporting the theory

The paradigm shift with respect to COVID’s origin appears to be especially remarkable as it is being reported by CNN, the flagship of leftist propaganda and maybe the No. 1 anti-Trump media outlet.

CNN cites a source familiar with the progress of the 90-day review into COVID-19’s origin ordered by Biden earlier this year, as saying that several critical officials of the Democrat administration are deeming the lab leak theory just as plausible as the natural origins theory.

Those are said to include Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, according to an unnamed source.

That would be in line with last month’s comments by Sullivan when he told CNN that if China doesn’t comply with its obligations to cooperate with the COVID-19 international probes, the United States would have to consider its options.

The same source is quoted as saying there has been “a shift” in the point of view of intelligence agencies such as the CIA, which a year ago were totally skeptical of the lab leak theory.

At the same time, however, the reports point out that the Biden administration officials state that no categorical conclusions have been drawn about the true origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, and judgment is reserved at least until the review ordered by the Democrat President is completed.

CNN further explains that political figures in the administration have decided to give lots of breathing space to the national labs and the intelligence community, without determining their findings in the coronavirus origin probe ordered by Biden.

At the same time, however, top intelligence officials such as Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and CIA Director Bill Burns are receiving regular briefings on the investigation’s progress.

CNN also reported that it obtained a memo sent out to the intelligence community by the Office of the DNI on June 11, which assigned to officials the task of acquiring more data on the lab leak theory as well as the animal origin theory.

The memo justified that with “key intelligence needs” which could be useful in order to determine the real origin of COVID-19.