Former President Trump recently spoke out about how the Biden administration was handling the COVID vaccine program. First, he pointed out that it was under his administration that the vaccine was first developed. Then, he went on to say that he thought that the Biden administration was fumbling in convincing people to take the vaccine. Trump said that people were refusing to get the vaccine because they do not trust the current administration and the way that they are encouraging people to get the vaccine.

Mainstream Media Mistruth

If you had listened to the mainstream media, you would have thought that former President Trump had told people not to take the vaccine.

In its simplicity, Trump made a statement that Operation Warp Speed, which led to the vaccine development, occurred during his administration. Then, he pointed out that many who might have taken the vaccine felt threatened by statements from the Biden administration that people would go door-to-door to offer the vaccine. These are statements of fact, but the mainstream media twisted it to make it appear that Trump said not to take the vaccine.

President Trump’s Former Statements

Poll data shows that those who have not taken the vaccine are more likely to be Republicans. Yet, this is at least the third time that Trump has spoken out in favor of the vaccine.

Twice in March, he called the vaccine safe and effective and said that he would urge many of his supporters to get it.

Harris’ Former Statements

One must only look back a few months to see how the Biden administration made misleading statements about the vaccine. For example, Kamela Harris said she would not trust a vaccine developed under the Trump administration and encouraged everyone else not to trust it either.

Misinformation is everywhere, and it can be challenging to protect yourself from it when the media fails to present the facts and decide for yourself what you believe.