A Covid patient in the state of Louisiana has declared that he would rather be hospitalized with Covid again than take a vaccination.

Scott Roe, who owns a small business in the state, was hospitalized after he developed pneumonia during his Covid infection.

His health declined rapidly and he ended up in hospital.

According to CBS News, he is due to be released from hospital after making a full recovery, and he declared to the network that his fight with the virus hasn’t changed his mind about the vaccination program and that he still will not be getting one.

The case of Louisiana

Roe gave the interview from his hospital bed in Louisiana, declaring that he has beaten the virus and that he will not be getting a vaccine once he has been discharged.

He claimed that he has numerous issues with the vaccines on offer, but he didn’t offer any insight into his concerns.

The reporter also asked him if he would go back in time and take a vaccine to prevent his hospitalization and health deterioration, to which he gave a firm no.

He claimed that local, state, and federal governments are trying to “shove it down your throat” when referencing the vaccines.

The US currently has three vaccines available; the US-German Pfizer-BioNTech and the US-made Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, all of which have been deemed safe and effective by the CDC.

The state of Louisiana is one of the worst states in terms of vaccination rates, with only 40% of the population being partially jabbed.

The only state with a worst first dose rate than Louisiana is Mississippi, with 38%.

Cases throughout the state have been increasing at a rapid rate as a result, increasing by 224% over the past two weeks.

July 7th saw an average daily increase of 619 cases per day, by July 21st, that number stood at 2,006 cases per day.

Hospitalizations are also on the rise, with 884 people currently in hospital with a positive Covid test, the highest number since early February.

Data coming out of the state has determined that the around 70% of all new cases have come from the Delta variant, the new strain of Covid that is spreading around the world.

The Representative for Louisiana’s 1st district, Rep. Steve Scalise, has recently had his first dose and is urging all of his constituents to do the same.

How are other states fairing?

Just across the continent from Louisiana, the state of Alabama hasn’t fared any better.

Cases have increased in the state at an even quicker rate than in Louisiana, registering an increase of 282% in the past two weeks.

The state was reporting 472 cases a day two weeks ago, now they are reporting an average of 1,116.

Hospitalizations present an even bleaker picture, having more than doubled in the last two weeks, from 256 to 602.

State doctors have declared that the majority of those hospitalized are young, unvaccinated people, using the new data to stress the urgency of getting a jab.

Alabama also has one of the worst vaccination rates in the country, just 1% higher than their neighbors in Louisiana, at 41%.

Covid restrictions have begun to crawl their way back into some states and cities as cases and hospitalizations rise.

The city of Los Angeles has reintroduced its mask mandate, no matter what vaccination status citizens hold, with Philadelphia set to follow in the coming days.

Cases are heading in the wrong direction throughout the US, with nationwide daily cases increasing by 268% in the past three weeks, from 10,834 cases per day to 52,032 cases per day.