According to a recent report from Fox News’ Bill Melugin, there has been an astonishing “900% increase” in the number of undocumented immigrants testing positive for COVID at the Rio Grande border entrance in the first two weeks of July.

Among those who have tested positive in these first two weeks, five are currently in the hospital.

The undocumented immigrants who have been recently flooding in are no longer just people from Latin America. Video taken a few days ago shows a crowd of approximately 300-400 Haitians trying to get through the border entrance.

Haiti is a poor country, so one wonders how so many Haitians could have acquired the resources to make it all the way to Texas.

Some right-wing analysts say that human trafficking and smuggling networks have emerged to make this happen, and these networks are responding directly to the Biden Administration’s announcement that it will keep the borders open. Some have even suggested that Biden officials are giving documents and envelopes full of money to undocumented immigrants before sending them on planes to go live in other parts of the country.

And now, with the announcement of this spike in COVID case rates among undocumented immigrants, the whole matter acquires yet another threatening aspect.

Considering the increase in COVID cases, one would think that the Biden Administration would care about who enters or exits the country.

One would think that people who’s identities and medical histories are unknown and essentially undiscoverable would especially be prevented from entering the country. And one would also think that the media would be entirely supportive of efforts in this regard.