Some of the Texas House Democrats who fled the state not long ago in order to prevent the Texas House of Representatives from reaching a quorum and passing an election bill that reinforced ID requirements for voters have come down with COVID-19.

Now, the total among the Texas Democratic lawmakers who have tested positive has risen to six. All of these people had been vaccinated.

The Next Super-Spreader Event?

In addition to the six Democrats who have tested positive for COVID-19, Vice President Kamala Harris was recently taken to the hospital to be tested because she recently had contact with the Texas politicians. As of right now, it appears that Harris is fine, but there has been quite the scare.

Not only this, but a member of the White House staff and a staffer for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have also been infected. The Pelosi staffer had led the lawmakers around the Capitol Building to pose for various political photo ops.

It is still unknown how many people have been infected in total.

The media now faces an important choice. It has not hesitated in the past to refer to Republican-organized mass gatherings as “super-spreader events.” Will the media call what the Texas Democrats have done a “super-spreader event” as well?

Nothing positive seems to have resulted from this stunt for the Democrats when it comes to avoiding the passage of the voting bill back home.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema still refuses to support abolishing the filibuster and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already issued an order to have these Democrats arrested when they return to Texas.