The City of New York is resorting to paying cash to any unvaccinated person who goes to a state-run vaccination site to get their first shot against COVID-19 in order to incentivize vaccination against the backdrop of spiking infections caused by the spread of the highly contagious Indian delta variant.

The cash payments of $100 per newly vaccinated person will be available as of Friday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday during this daily briefing, as one of his measures to slow down the infection rate in the city.

It is almost impossible to avoid the vaccine

De Blasio argued that more people getting vaccinated is the only way to guarantee that the economic recovery caused by the gradual reopening of the US economy since the spring would continue.

NYC’s Democrat mayor also cited Health Department figures showing that a total of 9.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the city so far, with a total of 54.4% of its population being fully vaccinated.

Nonetheless, infections have been going up, with the seven-day positivity rate averaging 2.55%.

The more contagious Indian delta variant of COVID-19 accounts for a total of 57% of all new infections in New York City in the past four weeks, emerging as a major driving force of the new spike.

In a somewhat desperately sounding call, De Blasio told New Yorkers to “get that first dose”, “get the $100 incentive” and “get qualified” to be able to do “all sorts of amazing stuff” – he then added that the situation “doesn’t get any better than that.”

Meanwhile, also on Wednesday, New York state’s disgraced Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his own additional anti-coronavirus measures, including mandating that all state employees get vaccinated and get tested regularly.

Cuomo, who has made a substantial contribution to the botched response of the Democratic Party nationwide against the pandemic – including by covering up thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes last year – said he was talking to public unions in order to put the mandate in force by Labor Day.

Three days earlier, New York City Mayor De Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for the 314,000 employees of the city, all of them supposed to get a vaccine by September 13.

Last week, De Blasio announced that the staff of the city’s public hospitals as well as Health Department community clinics had to be vaccinated by next Monday or start undergoing weekly COVID tests.

All employees of care facilities such as nursing homes are required to show proof of vaccination no later than August 16 or be obliged to have coronavirus tests on a weekly basis.

The New York Police Department announced last week that only about 43% of its employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

De Blasio reacted by telling the NYPD and other agencies that they must “do better” and “go further.