Democrat President Joe Biden has come up with another dictatorial policy striking down the rights and freedoms of the American citizens: namely, forcing all employees of the federal government to get a COVID-19 vaccine or, should they decide to refuse as per their free will, be subjected to testing once or twice a week and face other restrictions curbing their freedom.

He also urged states and cities across the country to offer $100 cash incentives – in essence, a bribe to the American citizens – to those from the general population who do decide to get vaccinated for the first time.

A pure violation of the American Constitution

In a 19-minute scripted speech on Thursday, Biden announced a number of newly introduced measures which his administration hopes will increase vaccination rates against the backdrop of the skyrocketing infections with the Indian delta variant of the coronavirus.

In his remarks from the White House, the Democrat President argued that America will be able to “put the virus behind us” by getting “more people vaccinated.”

He declared that “we can” “save a lot of lives” by utilizing “incentives and mandates” – in other words, precisely by cracking down on Americans’ rights and freedoms or tricking them into disregarding or giving them up.

Because while vaccines might be a great idea, those Americans who don’t wish to get the virus injected into their bodies still have rights and the freedom of choice at least last time anybody checked.

That has always been the principled cornerstone of American democracy.

For the time being, Biden did stop short of an all-out dictatorial vaccine mandate for the entire US population – although he didn’t rule it out.

Basically, while the ever more radical leftist Democrats have been abusing more and more power since he occupied the White House, they have still been using the salami tactics of not biting off way more than they can chew.

Thus, Biden didn’t vouch for a national vaccine mandate authority, adding that it is still undecided whether the federal government “can mandate the whole country.”

He said he doesn’t “know that yet” – as if there is anything to know about that considering that the USA isn’t North Korea, not yet at least.

The Democrat president added that Americans may have to need proof of vaccination for international travel, without specifying whether host countries or any other authorities might be requiring that.

He reiterated an expression already used by other members of his leftist administration, namely, that the current state of the pandemic is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, adding that “virtually all” cases of hospitalization and death “are among the unvaccinated.”

The draconian measures of the Biden administration

Biden then went further and deeper to portray the situation in tragic terms in order to justice the further abuse of power by the federal government and the crackdown of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the American citizens.

Namely, that the pandemic is “an American tragedy”, and that they are people who are dying even though they “don’t have to die.”

Restrictive dictatorial mandates aside, Biden sought to strike a bipartisanship cord in his speech, by noting that key Republicans such as Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, have called upon people to get vaccinated.

Biden also sent out a special plea to parents to “get your children vaccinated” – a call he is making despite insufficient or conflicting evidence supporting children vaccinations.

The UK government, for example, recently advised that only children in risk groups should get COVID-19 jabs because of the uncertain risk-benefit ratio.

The Democrat President, however, called for reopening schools to be equipped with pop-up vaccination clinics.

Biden formally encouraged states and cities to practically bribe people to subject themselves to the COVID vaccine with $100 incentives.

He made it clear he is going to order the Department of Defense to look into a vaccine mandate for the US military.

The cherry on top of the cake in Biden’s televised speech from the East Room of the White House was the federal employees’ vaccination mandate which is also going to apply to contractors of the federal government.

Biden stated that any government employee who doesn’t provide evidence of vaccination will, in essence, be ostracized: required to wear a mask everywhere, required to distance physically from all of his or her colleagues or visitors, get tested for COVID “weekly or twice weekly”, and placed under official travel restrictions.

So much for the principled provision of Americans’ constitutional, God-given rights under the radicalizing leftist administration of the Democrats seizing the chance to impose the will of the state over the individual liberty-entitled human.