In a practically unprecedented turn of events, Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration has lashed out against its radical liberal leftist propaganda allies, The Washington Post and The New York Times, after both sent out tweets allegedly exaggerating the number of coronavirus infections among the fully vaccinated.

Three-quarters vaccinated get COVID and the White House gets enraged

Both WaPo and The NYT were blasted on Twitter by the Deputy Director of Strategic Communications for the White House, Ben Wakana, who was out on a mission responding to their viral tweets about numerous fully vaccinated people catching COVID-19’s Indian delta variant.

In its tweet, The Washington Post revealed a CDC study about a big outbreak in Massachusetts, stating it has found the vaccinated were three-quarters of all those infected there.

Wakana lambasted the WaPo tweet by declaring it to be “unreal” that the results from the study were “not put” in context, and insisted that 3 days back the CDC declared that a very small amount of transmission affects the vaccinated.

When asked by Fox News about the White House criticism, a Washington Post spokesperson only told Fox News she was going to “look into” the situation.

“As contagious as chickenpox”

In the meantime, The NYT had put out a tweet stating that the Indian delta variant of COVID-19 is “as contagious as chickenpox” and that vaccinated people can also spread it, citing an “internal CDC report.”

White House Deputy Communications Director Wakana responded to that with a tweet all in caps, declaring that those vaccinated “do not transmit” the coronavirus at the very same rate those unvaccinated.

Seemingly enraged by the NYT tweet, he emphasized that “if you fail” to put in that context “you’re doing it wrong.”

The New York Times did not respond to Fox News to offer a comment on the situation involving angry criticism from a top-level official of the Biden White House.

Unprecedented censure, “let’s be clear”

Apparently still agitated, Wakana tweeted later that to “be clear”, if ten people who are vaccinated go into a room which is “full of COVID”, nine of them would likely walk out without any COVID.

“Nine of them,” he emphasized.

Wakana’s Twitter outburst indeed marks an unprecedented case of the White House censuring its staunch leftist propaganda allies in the mainstream media, indicating that their trust for one another might be starting to crack.

On Friday, mainstream leftist media reporters covering the White House started asking inconvenient questions about the absence of a briefing on the COVID-19 situation, which led to uneasy, roundabout answers by the deputy press secretary.