The petulance, childishness and petty authoritarianism from our so-called “leaders” are truly a sight to behold.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi announced that she would be reintroducing mask mandates into the halls. She actually threatened those who would not comply with arrest.

Petty Authoritarianism Run Wild

Americans are not stupid. Increasing numbers of them can see that the CDC’s blatant flip-flops on policy recommendations have been guided by political necessity rather than a respect for scientific evidence. There is simply no reason for vaccinated people to wear masks because such people are immune to the virus, do not carry high viral loads and, therefore, are extremely unlikely to transmit it.

The same goes for those who have recovered from COVID and have natural immunity.

According to a recent poll, a majority of Americans — 55% — now think that shutting down the economy did more harm than good. Even non-white Democrats are evenly split on this issue now. Furthermore, 62% of voters say that government officials now have too much power and will likely abuse it in the future.

The only question is are Republicans smart enough to take advantage of the fact that most normal people are sick and tired of business closures, mask mandates and other COVID-related nonsense? Are they actually going to take a stand and do their part to return America to living a normal life?

Other than a few glorious exceptions like Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the behavior of Republicans as a whole has not been encouraging.

Mainstream Republican politicians are up in arms about the recent change in CDC guidelines that demand, once again, that vaccinated people go back to wearing masks indoors. Of course, they are right to point out the blatant irrationality of this policy, but most of them stick to saying that vaccinated people should not be subjected to mask mandates or that federal workers should not be forced to take the vaccine. What they should be saying is that all mask mandates should simply end — period — and that no one should be forced to take the vaccine.

By conceding half the game to the left from the outset, Republicans ultimately just make it easier for the left to win.

There’s a reason why some people have started to say that Republicans are just progressives driving the speed limit.