Though Democrats have been trying to shut down every type of human enjoyment over the last year and a half, they seem to partake in it carelessly themselves. The liberal hypocrisy of pandemic restrictions have progressed over time, from Nancy Pelosi going maskless to a beauty salon to Gavin Newsom eating at a fancy restaurant with a large group. After speaking to the media about “scaling down” his 60th birthday bash due to the delta variant, Obama still managed to throw a huge maskless party in Martha’s Vineyard against public health recommendations.

Obama’s Hypocrisy

After COVID cases have been surging across the country, former President Barack Obama announced that his upcoming 60th birthday party will be “scaled down.”

He never specified how exactly it would be scaled down, but many believed that it would automatically be COVID-safe. However, during the party filled with many high-profile celebrities, photos leaked out on social media of a big maskless crowd in an enclosed space. These photos were all deleted quickly afterward.

Stiffing Nancy Pelosi

While many celebrities like John Legend and Alicia Keys were dancing away maskless with Obama in his multi-million-dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate, there were some guests who were intriguingly omitted from the “scaled-down” list. Specifically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was present on the island but not invited to the party. This suggests that Obama does not care about the people who helped lift him onto the political stage, but only about celebrities. These rich people have the privilege to spread the Delta variant of COVID while suggesting that everyone else should be locked down in their homes.