The government of the People’s Republic of China employed an “aggressive” campaign of influence towards the World Health Organization in the very early stages of the pandemic when it could be stopped – causing the UN body to miss the last chance to do that, according to a special investigation of the UK-based Sunday Times newspaper.

Beijing gutted the WHO

As the coronavirus likely originated in the Institute of Virology in China’s Wuhan, the regime of Chinese leader Xi Jinping made special efforts in order to sabotage WHO investigations, control its decision-making, and also install officials friendly to it.

According to the investigation, Beijing practically gutted the World Health Organization at the beginning of 2020, just at the start of the pandemic, which has claimed 4.3 million people’s lives, as per official data – and probably a lot more.

Because of the Chinese influence campaign, the WHO didn’t challenge Beijing’s disinformation on the origins of COVID-19 and its spread, or its other propaganda narratives.

Gutted by the Xi government, the UN body also delayed the declaration of an international emergency and sought to protect China’s economy by discouraging other nations’ governments from imposing travel bans on it.

The Sunday Times also concludes that China and the sabotaged WHO made a “backroom deal” in order to water down the latter’s supposed investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

The arrangement in question included diverting the attention of scientists and the public from the theory that COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and promoting the idea that it came from an animal wet market in the large Chinese city in December 2019.

China utilizes its Third World clout

According to the British newspaper, China has been using for quite a while its financial leverage over poor UN member countries in order to install at key WHO posts figures that it prefers – a tactic also employed to be widely employed by Beijing with respect to other UN bodies as well.

The most crucial of these figures has been China’s long-time buddy, WHO’s Ethiopian director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

There have long ago been memes of Ghebreyesus with his mouth and ears stuffed with yuan banknotes – and the investigation in question points in the same direction.

Ghebreyesus visited Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing in January 2020 when the spread of the coronavirus had already begun – and communist China’s leadership was likely very well aware of the gravity of the situation.

Ghebreyesus, a former foreign minister of Ethiopia, appears to have used his position to put in place more appointees that are favored by China – such as making a goodwill ambassador out of Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe, for instance, China funded a total of some 130 projects between 2000 and 2012 alone, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

As a result of the Chinese influence there, in June 2020, Zimbabwe became one of the 53 UN member states that backed Beijing’s anti-democratic, tyrannical Hong Kong security law at the UN General Assembly.

Chinese subversion’s decisive role

The Sunday Times cites Prof. Richard Ebright from America’s Infectious Disease Society as saying that China’s subversion efforts played a “decisive role” in debilitating the UN’s ability to act in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ebright said the stance of the WHO from January – February 2020 was entirely unjustified from a medical or scientific point of view but appeared to appeal to China.

The latest investigation of The Sunday Times, if nothing else, leads to the conclusion that President Donald Trump was on the right track immediately at the start of the pandemic when he called COVID-19 “the Chinese virus” – amid the hue and cry of the liberal leftist wokeist Marxists from the Democratic Party.

The latter have been trying to shield on “anti-racism grounds” their communist comrades in Beijing who have unleashed unprecedented devastation and death on the entire world, and will have to be hold accountable for that.