Florida stands as a striking counterexample to almost every single COVID narrative.

Because Florida governor Ron DeSantis refuses to enforce lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates in his state, there has been concern that they will face a huge death toll as a result.

DeSantis Trolls

Florida has changed its reporting methodology to count its COVID deaths on the day they occur rather than on the day on which they were reported. Generally, it takes at least a few days after a death occurs for it to be formally reported, meaning that a day’s reports can contain deaths from multiple days. Thus, if you count a death as having occurred on the day it was reported, then days after weekends and holidays can appear to be higher than the actual number on those days.

DeSantis’ decision is an entirely rational one. In any case, all deaths that do happen will be reported, so there is no deception here. But the media has chosen to complain about this decision because it makes it more difficult to spread propaganda about Floridians allegedly dying in droves.

Delays in reporting make it possible to manufacture the illusion that sudden spikes in COVID cases or deaths are happening when, in reality, the cases and deaths have been more spread out. DeSantis’ decision thus normalizes the COVID death curve and helps it to better normalize.

DeSantis is looking into separating deaths of COVID-positive people who die of different causes from the total, which will also lower the death total in Florida. Will it be enough to vindicate his stance against masks and other COVID protections? Stay tuned.