All of the 2.1 million employees of the federal government will have 75 days to get vaccinated against COVID-19, or they can be fired, Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s cluelessly obnoxious press secretary announced on Thursday, causing an outraged, especially among labor unions.

‘Hopefully’ you will obey so we don’t terminate you

The absolutely obligatory vaccination of the federal employees, including of government contractors, will be one of the new anti-pandemic measures that Biden himself is going to announce in a speech on the coronavirus situation later on Thursday.

The White House press secretary made it clear that even though there might be some “limited exceptions,” testing out will not be an option for federal employees, and those refusing the COVID-19 shot can be fired for that, as per Biden’s upcoming executive order.

The exceptions would apply only to people with legally recognized disabilities or religious objections.

Those workers of the US government and its contractors who don’t comply will go down the way of the “standard HR process”, with counseling plus potential disciplinary action, including the possibility of employment termination.

As she confirmed it, Psaki said that “it won’t come to that” – “hopefully.”

The new unconditional vaccine mandate to be declared with Biden’s new executive order, however, will apply only to the employees of the executive branch, while the legislative and judicial branches will not be affected.

Displaying her typical impudence which usually builds on top of Biden’s utterly botched policies, Psaki declared that the goal of the draconian vaccine mandate will be to turn the federal government into an example for other organizations and businesses on the promotion of vaccines.

She made it clear that there will be an “expectation” that you ought to be vaccinated if you would like to work with the US government or to be a contractor – unless you fall in the limited exemption categories.

Who’s lying – Psaki or the labor unions?

Labor unions have been quick to react with anger to the uncompromising vaccine mandate for federal workers announced by Psaki.

The largest federal employees’ union, the American Federation of Government Employees, disclosed that it was never consulted by the Biden administration about the new mandate.

While the AFGE urged everybody to get vaccinated anyway, it put out a statement declaring such far-reaching decisions necessitate the workers’ voice.

It made it clear that it is expected to “bargain over this change” before it gets implemented.

Another union of government workers, the National Federation of Federal Employees, also said that it never received any notice of the upcoming executive order of Joe Biden.

Psaki contradicted them, and said that the Biden administration has had “a range of consultations with labor unions” and that those have been going on for “several weeks and months.”

You can choose whom to believe.

It is shocking to hear Psaki lying about it when the labor unions themselves say they were never consulted about this by the Biden administration – which has had the cheek to brag about its pro-union stance.