The regime of the People’s Republic of China spread COVID-19 as a biological weapon at the World Military Games in the city of Wuhan in October 2019, according to Wei Jingsheng, a long-time Chinese political prisoner and democracy activist residing in the United States.

It would hardly be a surprise if his allegations are true considering the vicious nature of China’s totalitarian communist regime, which has seized every chance to crack down on human rights and freedoms and has in recent years embarked on an aggressive crusade of territorial expansion to seek world domination.

Wei, a former insider of the Chinese Communist Party, told Sky News that the October 2019 World Military Games in the city of Wuhan were the first superspreader event for COVID-19.

China spread COVID-19 deliberately

He claimed in a documentary entitled “What Really Happened in Wuhan” that the infection was deliberately spread by the Chinese government at the event attended by international military athletes.

According to Wei, clear-cut evidence of that is the fact that some of the 9,000 participants in the games got sick with a mysterious disease featuring COVID-19’s symptoms.

In his words, he thought the Chinese government would seize the opportunity to spread the virus because of the presence of many foreigners at the event.

Wei, who spent a total of 18 years as a political prisoner in China because of his campaigning for democracy – in 1979-1993 and 1994-1997, alleged he had heard that the Chinese regime was performing an “unusual exercise” during the Wuhan military games and that he was aware it was testing biological weapons.

Wei also alleged that in November 2019 he contacted senior figures in the Trump administration in order to express to them his concerns about the biological weapon, a new virus, spread by China at the military games in Wuhan.

He got worried based on “whispers” about a “new SARS virus” which were circulating at the time on WeChat and other social media platforms in China.

However, the senior US officials allegedly ignored his warnings.

Wei said that even though he tried to offer more details, the US officials weren’t concerned like he was since they couldn’t believe that a country’s government was capable of doing such a thing as releasing a bioweapon virus at an international sporting event.

The exiled Chinese democracy activist claimed he learned about the situation from insiders in the Communist Party in Beijing, who shared with him their fears.

Wei refused to disclose the names of the US government figures he spoke with at the time, but said one of them had then President Trump’s ear.

Other testimonies back Wei’s

In the documentary, Miles Yu, a former Principal China Adviser at the US Department of State, backed Wei’s claims, saying that there were American, French, and German athletes who fell ill with COVID-like symptoms during the tournament but weren’t tested for the virus.

Another interviewee, David Asher, a former COVID-19 investigator with the US State Department, said in the documentary that the US has seen indications in its own data that the virus was circulating in America already in December 2019 or even earlier.

The claims in question are fully plausible considering that the Chinese communist kept secret the outbreak until December 31, 2019, and then for another month denied that the virus could be spread from person to person, thus guaranteeing that it’s going all around the globe.

If a deliberate spread or at least a major earlier cover-up on part of the Chinese regime can be proven, that would be one of the most monstrous crimes in human history.