The lies that the liberal leftist media, or better say mainstream media, are trying to get away with these days are just unbelievably staggering – and they are solely designed to push the American public further and further to the left until one day it deems it acceptable to have a far-left totalitarian regime.

Last week, an article by a science reporter of The New York Times, one of the main pillars of radical left propaganda, claimed that a whopping total of 900,000 children have been admitted to hospital in the US with the coronavirus since the pandemic started.

The real figure has turned out to be about 14 times smaller, at 63,000 in total nationwide, a tiny fraction of the NYT figure – leading even the far-left outlet to own up to the false claim and issue a correction.

She just makes figures up

Of course, the damage was already done because with stuff like that going “viral” on social media, a lot more Americans will read the claim that nearly 1 million children have been hospitalized with COVID-19 than those who might actually read the correction.

The supposed mistake has come from the work of no other but Apoorva Mandavilli, a NYT reporter on health and science.

That is the same author who in May 2021 took to Twitter to assault the theory that COVID-19 was leaked from the lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in China, is “racist” and nothing else.

Actually, the direct quote is that the origin’s probe has “racist roots.”

Because of course, why not!

When in doubt, call something “racist” – and everything “racist.”

What makes matters for the New York Times even more abysmal is that the article, in which Mandavilli claims a mind-blowing of children’s COVID hospitalizations, also lies about the actions on COVID-19 performed by regulators in Finland and Sweden.

Another thing Mandavilli got factually wrong, whether by chance or on purpose, is when the FDA is meeting to decide on whether to authorize the application on children aged 5-12 of the Pfizer-BionNTech vaccine.

NYT’s wokeist reporter Mandavilli is actually a winner back in 2019 of the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting – imagine that!

Some have suggested on Twitter that she just makes up figures in order to provide “her own unique version” of reality – which is actually fully to be expected of any Marxist out there because Marxism teaches them that there isn’t an objective reality at all and that the reality is whatever you make it up to be.

More than hurt feelings

In reaction to the story lying that 900,000 American kids have been hospitalized with COVID 19, Texas Senator Ted Cruz wrote that Mandavilli doesn’t wish to report or investigate anything which “might hurt her tender feelings” even as she counts herself as an “investigative reporter.”

Cruz might have it wrong, though.

While these days the liberal leftists are all about “hurt feelings”, the reality behind that is that they are just utilizing this to split the public into groups of victimhood and guilt in order to be able to manipulate and weaken it.

The misinformation, i.e. lies – such as the one about the almost 1 million children admitted to hospital over COVID – serves exactly the same purpose of wreaking havoc on the cohesion and mutual understanding of the American public.

All of that is just to pave the way for the installment of the far-left totalitarian regime.