The self-proclaimed COVID-19, pandemic, and vaccination Czar of the United States of America, and maybe even the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has generously “allowed” us, the modest citizens of the American republic, to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with our families.

Only the vaccinated will ‘enjoy’

Thank you, oh, saintly Fauci, for thy grace!

We bow in awe to your unfathomable mercy upon our wretched souls!

However, pay attention: the generosity of the White House chief medical adviser is good only for those of us who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

So if one part of your family is vaccinated, and the other part isn’t, the former may celebrate with the latter but the latter may not celebrate with the former under any circumstances.

The poor latter part will thus be left without any holiday celebrating, while the vaccinated “better” part is doing singing and festive dancing in circles all around it.

Isn’t it just wonderful to have such wise, enlightened, and, most of all, saintly guidance from such a deity as Dr. Anthony Fauci in the darkest of times of the coronavirus pandemic sent our way from Communist China – which, however, Fauci the deity has himself gone to great lengths to prevent from being public knowledge.

Maybe so that we won’t be vicious anti-Chinese “racists”.

Or because Fauci himself was involved in funding gain-of-function bat virus research in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Or both?

Who can tell in those testing times of COVID-19 pandemic and WOKEISM-21 pandemic!?

It is so lovely for the good people of the United States of America to have this Fauci character to issue deity-like orders on what we can and cannot do – apart from all Marxist stooges running the federal and some state and local governments, with their mask and vaccine mandates.

It is just wonderful.

Sunday Fauci until the end of time?

That is why the saintly Uncle Doctor Fauci shows up every single Sunday on the little screen in order to scold us or bestow mercy upon our wretched racist nation.

Just like this Sunday when he gave us Americans his blessing to actually “enjoy” the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families – because if he hadn’t uttered the word “enjoy” but just given us permission, we would’ve just been stuck with our families for the holidays but wouldn’t have “enjoyed” them, naturally.

Just like the previous Sunday, when Dr. Fauci the coronavirus pandemic deity was cross and stern and said it wasn’t known if we could enjoy those holidays further away in time but gave his papal blessing to American children to go trick-or-treating for Halloween – causing tears in the little children’s eyes and Fauci-gratitude in their little, innocent hearts.

“Thank you so much, oh, Saintly Dr. Fauci! And maybe if we can get vaccinated, we might also ‘enjoy’ Christmas and Thanksgiving with the vaccinated part of our families?” the kids uttered in hope but have had to wait for next Sunday to hear more from the good old Uncle Doctor.

Then there will be more blessing – or more scolding – from Fauci next Sunday.

And we are at such a point that we fear that so it might go until the very end of time.