Data published by the Public Health and the UK Health Security Agency suggests that more than 85% of people who died from Covid19 in September-October 2021 were vaccinated!

Furthermore, the Office for National Statistics detected a spike in deaths of young boys by 83% after administered Covid19 vaccines.

Consequently, the UK Health Security Agency published that the vaccine effectiveness reached an all-time low of -132%.

Failed vaccination program

Looking at the report published by Public Health Scotland on October 27th, the number of people who were vaccinated (fully or partially) and died from Covid19 between September 18th and October 15th accounts for 85% of total deaths (474).

The theory of a failed vaccine program is confirmed by the UK Health Security Agency reporting that 2273 vaccinated people died between September 27th and October 24th.

Furthermore, Agency reported that the rate of hospitalization has been on a steady decline for unvaccinated adults, and stated that the vaccine effectiveness is at an all-time low of -132%.

While the official reports suggest that the Covid19 vaccine hurts adults above the age of 30, the same reports show positive effectiveness of 21% for people between the age of 18 and 29 as well as those who are younger than 18.

However, one of the most shocking data is that there have been more than 390,000 new cases throughout week 39 to week 42 of people who are fully vaccinated.

Chief Medical Officer, Chris Witty defends the vaccination program

According to Chris Witty, there is nothing wrong with the UK vaccination program.

Not only that but he also dismissed a decision of the Joint Committee for the Vaccination and Immunization stating that children should receive a vaccine.

It goes against the data showed by the Official Office for National Statistics that the number of 10-14-year-olds who died between weeks 38 and 41 rose by from 21 (average for 2015-2019) to 34.

Furthermore, the ONS report suggests a spike of 83% in deaths of young boys for the same period.

Given the gravity of data published by the MHRA, ONS, and UKHSA the government has to react.

Unfortunately, there have been no official statements regarding the issue, and the vaccination program continues despite the -132% effectiveness.