Following CDC’s decision to approve the jab for kids aged 5-11, San Francisco’s health officials decided the time is ripe to start vaccinating unsuspecting children, in spite of the fact there were no recorded cases in California of a child in that age group dying from covid related symptoms ever since the pandemic began in the US.

This left parents in a panic, with many of them wondering just how they will move forward into a world where their 4-year-old child will have to prove his ineligibility for a vaccine just to enter a restaurant or play with their friends.

Naturally, this caused Twitter users to comment on the matter, with one claiming the mandate to be „the most draconian vaccine passport system” in the US, while others heavily criticizing those who supported the vaccinations, adding that they should stay home if they feel unsafe in a restaurant with an unvaccinated child on the premises.

Currently, San Francisco is the first city in the entire country to enforce a vaccine mandate for all children and adults above the age of 12.

So far, the US is one of the few countries in the world to have approved vaccines for this age group.

With nearly 2 million covid infections in the age group but barely 100 deaths, one is left wondering what actually drove the CDC to make this decision that could endanger the lives of many children.

Other countries with similar mandates include China, Bahrein, and possibly Israel which will undoubtedly follow the CDC’s recommendations.

These seem to be the exception to the rule as most countries are still in the process of assessing the risk-reward ratios of the vaccine in this age group, as the threat of myocarditis remains a common topic when discussing vaccinations of children.

Risking a child’s death because of fearmongers

A local mother, Bernadette Rosselli, stated that the mandate is ridiculous and the parents have every right to worry, urging everyone to think twice before vaccinating their child as rushing recklessly is not the way to do this.

Many parents across the US have been polled and a majority have stated that they would never or would have to be given time to think about vaccinating their child, with only 27% claiming they would do it right away.

Even doctors spoke up on the matter, with Dr. Houman Hemmati explaining that vaccines, much like any drug, carry a certain risk with them, and that one must first calculate the benefit of the drug before administering it to a patient.

Gina Loudon, a conservative media person added that a child developing myocarditis could have only a 50% chance of making it to its 15th birthday, a statistic that cannot be ignored despite the fact the illness only appeared in those vaccinated with the J&J or Astra Zeneca shots.

Only one member of the FDA’s advisory panel, Dr. Michael Kurilla, chose not to vote yes on the recommendation, claiming that while there are definitely children in that age group who are at risk due to other underlying conditions, it is still too soon to make a decision.

He continued to add that children who have been infected with covid-19 in the past, with many of them slipping by unnoticed if they were asymptomatic, could already have established immunity to the disease.

Currently, the US has prepared enough vaccines for every child in America, but every parent should be left with the freedom of choice to vaccinate their child or not.