Today, a new COVID 19 medication was unveiled by all-American pharmaceuticals company Pfizer, with officials claiming that it could substantially reduce the number of hospitalized patients and fatal cases.

The drug is said to come in pill form and despite still being in its experimental phase, Pfizer seems confident that the FDA could approve it as they already have plans of submitting it to the regulatory agencies in the near future.

The pharmacy giant seems to only have jumped on the covid pill bandwagon rather than coming up with an original idea as only a month ago, Merck & Co have announced their antiviral pill could cut the risk of death due to covid symptoms in half.

Dr. Mikael Dosten, a scientific officer stated that Pfizer’s pill could be a borderline scientific breakthrough, given that many experimental drugs never reach levels of efficacy close to 90% as this one supposedly has.

During a press meeting, US president and climate activism peddler Joe Biden assured that the government has already procured millions of doses of the drug and is ready to ship out when the time is due.

The drug itself falls into a category of protease inhibitors which means it creates the same enzyme that the COVID virus uses to multiply in a host’s body, with scientists hoping it will follow the pattern of previous inhibitors which were used to successfully treat HIV and HEP C patients.

Big pharma plays with human lives in recent drug tests

A group of 775 adults infected with the covid-19 virus was treated for 5 days with half taking Pfizer’s new „miracle pill” and half being the control group.

Those receiving the experimental drug apparently showed significant improvement, with no patients ending up hospitalized whereas the control group suffered multiple hospitalizations and even 7 lost their life. Many remain skeptical about these drugs if Pfizer and its competitors continue to fund research that could potentially endanger the lives of many, as antiviral pills are a fairly new concept and are not to be taken lightly.

Merck & Co’s drug was already approved by the UK with approval already pending in the US due to the drug’s miraculous initial results.

Ironically enough, the UK has recently urged other countries not to follow in America’s footsteps regarding the vaccination of children but ran headfirst into approving an experimental new pill medication for the disease responsible for a 2 year-long worldwide pandemic.

It remains unknown what factors are in play here and who exactly will be profiting from these deals.

Pfizer’s drug might prove to be more effective in the long run as their tests included pregnant women which Merck & Co were not ready to risk.