A detailed look at the data published by the UKHSA shows that the fully vaccinated folk are in for a treat come winter, with the statistics showing much higher infection rates among the vaccinated, as well as a 124% higher hospitalization-fatality rate than among the unvaccinated groups.

The report revealed over 850,000 recorded cases, of which only 40% were accounted for by the unvaccinated, with the vaccinated public reaching a record high of 82% of all deaths, compared to the unvaccinateds’ 18%.

Mainstream media can’t really seem to make up their minds what sort of narrative they want to push in light of these events, so they’d rather just sugarcoat it enough to hide the truth and force the nation of England (ant the rest of the world) into a lockdown of those clever enough to avoid the vaccine.

With 3 months of data collected straight from the UKHSA, the statistics hold up and paint a clear picture of the lies the general public is being served on a daily basis.

The reports show that a majority of the cases reported ever since at least August 2021 have been among the fully vaccinated population, with the covid cases of the unvaccinated steadily dropping over the past few months, with no explanation from the agency.

As it stands, cases are projected to soar to a record high of 3,9 million vaccinated folks, while the unvaccinated will rise but disproportionally, topping at around 1,4 million cases.

A pandemic of the fully vaccinated is right around the corner and nearly 2 years of lies regarding the vaccine’s usefulness may be refuted in a month or two.

The UK’s NHS is overwhelmed with COVID cases, with the vaccinated to blame for most of it

As the numbers continue to pile up, the math fails to add up, as anyone who knows what a vaccine is supposed to do would assume that the case-hospitalization rates would be dropping among those vaccinated, but it seems to be the other way around, with the demographic reaching a rate of 1.23%, nearly double than that of the unvaccinated.

With the COVID-19 shots alleged 95% hospitalization reduction, one must stop and wonder exactly why those that received this „miracle shot” are suddenly feeling much worse than those who didn’t.

Finally, the hospitalization to fatality rate is demoralizing, with the vaccinated population reaching a whopping 47% and in the grand scheme of things being 124% higher than the fatality rate of the unvaccinated population.

Not only does the vaccine increase risk of infection and re-infection, but it seems to increase the risk of a fatal outcome, even more so among the already at-risk demographic.

The situation is steadily growing worse and many scientists fail to explain why this is happening, as a vaccine of 0% efficacy would mean that the vaccinated are not at all more protected, but with the information at hand, the Covid-19 vaccine seems to be damaging the immune system far more than strengthening it, setting the vaccine to an appalling negative efficacy rate.

England is suffering from a pandemic of the vaccinated and if the government wishes to bring back restrictions or lockdowns they should consider changing the record a bit and locking the vaxxers up in their homes instead, as they seem to be the ones overwhelming the NHS and spreading the disease everywhere they go.