Unchecked immigration into the United States from South and Central America is both a cause and a result of Biden’s presidential victory.

Those who are concerned about the future of America need to accept this fact and prepare accordingly.

Immigration Has Consequences

Hispanics have long been a major voting base for Democrats and have consistently voted in majorities of about 70% to 75% for the left. Cubans, because of their sordid history with communism, are a notable exception to this trend but not enough of one to reverse the overall Hispanic voting pattern.

As Hispanic immigration into the United States has continued, the size of this solidly pro-Democratic voting bloc has increased, and Democrats have only gained more and more of an in-built electoral advantage over Republicans. These demographic changes have been so severe that after just a few more election cycles, Texas is set to go blue.

The pro-Trump wing of the Republican Party has recently been making quite a lot of noise over the fact that President Trump appears to have won significant amounts of support from the Black and Hispanic communities in 2020, but a close look at these numbers shows that celebration by the GOP over this fact is completely unwarranted.

According to exit polls taken by the New York Times, Trump got 32% of the Hispanic vote in 2020. This is higher than Mitt Romney’s result in 2012—but not much higher. Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote that year.

Considering all of the efforts that the Trump campaign put into appealing to Hispanics and non-white voters more generally, this is a pretty disappointing result. It suggests that all of that effort was a gigantic misallocation of resources.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has already announced that on his very first day as president he will present a bill to Congress which will grant amnesty to the approximately 11 million Hispanic immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. He will also issue an executive order ordering a halt to further construction of Trump’s signature border wall.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who most of these 11 million illegals will vote for. They will vote for the party that allowed them to become U.S. citizens and to bring their extended families along for the ride.

The consequences of all of this, in a word, will be Democratic victories from here to the moon in almost every major election — at least on the federal level. Republicans’ suicidal unwillingness to acknowledge this will now bear predictable fruit.

The Decline of the U.S.

As more and more people are allowed into the country and given voting privileges, the Democratic Party’s voting base will expand, and it will become ever-easier for it to push through its agenda. That means explosive government spending and every insane critical-theory-inspired racial grievance program you can imagine. It means an even more intense persecution of conservatives than already exists, even more downward pressure on wages due to immigration, and even more strain on our public sector.

Face it: the open borders crowd won, and the GOP allowed it to happen.