It’s been completely obvious to anyone with eyes to see that Joe Biden is no longer the man he once was. He’s a withered husk of his former self and is clearly addled with dementia.

The media have been breathlessly trying to deny this and demanding that you not believe your lying eyes — as they have done with so many other things of late.

But recently, there have been some signs — some hilarious signs — that the mask, even if only inadvertently, is slipping.

The Media Admits Biden Has Dementia?

Politico has recently reported a story that is either hilarious or embarrassing, depending on your perspective. The story tells of how Biden would obsessively pour over all of the remarks that had been prepared for him by his aides and staffers, doing everything he could to make sure that he wouldn’t forget anything when the time finally came to speak.

But once, when looking over a set of remarks during one of his speech creep sessions, Biden angrily snapped at one of these aides, saying, “I would never say this. Where did you get this from?” The poor old man then needed to be reminded that he had said those very things in public only a few weeks before.

The story then followed with something that’s either a masterful bit of redirection or a comically transparent attempt to underplay the obvious. Politico says, “Such are the hallmarks and unpleasantries that are the sausage-making of speech writing with Biden.”

No. Such are the hallmarks and unpleasantries of steadily creeping dementia. The forgetfulness, the angry and frustrated snapping — it’s all clearly there.

We’ve All Known This

But of course, we’ve all known this for some time now.

Observers of Biden’s recent speeches are sure to have all noticed something in particular. Often, when Biden speaks, he’ll try to say something, stumble over his words, lose his place, forget what he was going to say, and then pause and angrily say, “Look…” before beginning to speak again. This is Biden’s reset button.

Things have become so bad that many have been led to speculate that Biden may be hopped up on drugs during the few instances he appears coherent. That’s only speculation, of course, but can any reasonable observer blame people for wondering?

Let us pause to note how almost unbelievably absurd this whole situation is. At a time when the bases of both parties, right and left, claim to want change, we have instead been given a near-octogenarian who it seems can barely locate his own feet to be our leader.

Even the media, proud water-carriers for the Democratic establishment though they are, have been forced to obliquely admit this.