Bernie Sanders’ fans like to portray him as a firebrand and a heroic warrior for the little guy. The truth, however, is that he’s a doormat and a grifter.

Yes, the Democratic establishment did blatantly collude to keep him from becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for president—twice. But what did Sanders do about that? He basically sat quietly and took it. Whenever the Democrats need him, he always votes straight along with them on everything that matters—even though Sanders’ own fans know well that the Democratic establishment consists of little more than shills and criminals.

When Sanders was on the campaign trail, he fulminated against Wall Street’s corruption, but when the corporate Democrats essentially tried to buy him off with some extra money and a new house—when they worked to screw him over yet again—he happily stepped aside, took his money and went home.

Some revolutionary!

Sadly for the Bernie Bros, their abject humiliation is not over yet. If anyone needs any more evidence that Bernie Sanders has no killer instinct in him whatsoever, there’s been yet another moment where he allows himself to be used by the corporate Democrats.

Sanders and Neera Tanden

Joe Biden’s nominee to head his Office of Management and Budget is Neera Tanden. As it happens, Sanders has a history with this woman—and not a pleasant one at that.

During the Democratic primary, Tanden and the political organizations she was involved with ran anti-Sanders political attack ads that blasted Sanders for his hypocrisy. Originally, Sanders would attack “the millionaires and billionaires” for essentially rigging the U.S. economy for their benefit and excluding most Americans from a shot at the American dream.

After Sanders himself become a millionaire, though—mostly due to raking in campaign contributions and making money from book sales—the word “millionaire” suddenly dropped out of his repertoire. Suddenly, it was only the billionaires who were the problem.

Not only that, but Tanden reportedly once punched Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir.

Bernie Caves Yet Again

And so, now that Tanden sits before the Senate and Sanders has the power to decide whether to grant this woman her cabinet position, how does he react?

Of course, he caves in and agrees to vote for her confirmation. When he confronted her about her attacks on him—as well as on Republicans, incidentally—the best Sanders could do was to ask Tanden to “reflect” on her statements.

One really has to feel for the Bernie Bros. Yes, the establishment hates them and has been pulling all sorts of tricks to keep their guy out of power. But a worse problem for them is that their own standard bearer simply doesn’t have a backbone.