The impeachment trial of Donald Trump has several problems, but one seems more significant than the rest. House managers have to scramble to find material to support their theory of why the former president should be impeached since there was no hearing in the United States House of Representatives. Some of these things are at odds with what is written in the Articles of Impeachment while other statements are false.

Critical Moment in Impeachment Trial

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, says an exchange during the testimony of Representative David Cicilline of Rhode Island made this painfully apparent to everyone watching.

Cicilline was testifying about a conversation that Representative Mike Lee of Utah supposedly had with Donald Trump. During Cicilline’s testimony, Lee jumped up and said that the facts as stated by Cicilline were untrue.

According to Cicilline, Lee told him that he stood by while Senator Tuberville from Alabama and President Trump had a conversation on the phone. Cicilline further testified that Trump asked Tuberville to make further objections during the certification process. Lee says that he had not confirmed the content of the conversation. When he asked Tuberville about the conversation later, Tuberville told him that he was under the impression that Trump was unaware of what was going on in the Senate chamber.

Why Does Lee’s Timeline Matter?

If Lee’s timeline is correct, then the entire Democratic case against Trump collapses because it proves that the former president did not know what was going on at the time that it was happening. It was not until a few minutes after the call that the former president tweeted asking everyone to support the Capitol Police and other law enforcement agents.

Turley contends that, since there was no record of facts, it should be impossible to impeach Trump.