In response to former President Trump’s acquittal in his impeachment trial on Saturday, Joe Biden decided to issue a statement.

In this statement, he said that “While the final vote did not lead to a conviction, the substance of the charge is not in dispute.”

Biden’s Statement

In his statement, Biden also called to “end this uncivil war” between Trump supporters and the political establishment “and heal the very soul of our nation.” He also called for Americans to be “ever vigilant” against alleged violent extremist groups though it is highly doubtful that he was referring to groups like BLM and Antifa, which rioted and caused billions of dollars in property damage in 2020.

The Senate voted 57-43 to charge Trump with inciting an insurrection on January 6. Since this failed to meet the two-thirds threshold necessary to convict in an impeachment trial, this resulted in Trump’s acquittal.

Biden called this a “sad chapter in our history.”

Trump, in turn, issued his own statement in response to his acquittal in which he excoriated the Democratic Party for subverting the rule of law and using the cover of legality to justify their desire to persecute their enemies.

Biden’s Statement Deciphered

Much of the statement contains outright false claims. For instance, Biden said that, on January 6, Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick “[lost] his life protecting the Capitol from a riotous, violent mob.”

There is no indication that Sicknick suffered any head trauma. There is no video or other evidence showing that he was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher despite what has been claimed by the media.

As of yet, Sicknick’s true cause of death is unknown. He may have died from a stroke after the riot or from some totally unrelated cause. In any event, the claim that he was murdered by rioters is totally false.

It’s also false that the substance of the impeachment charge against Trump is undisputed. It is heavily disputed. The fact that Trump offered to send 10,000 National Guard troops to D.C. on January 6 but that Pelosi and other officials refused the offer certainly casts a pall of doubt over the whole impeachment narrative.

As for Biden’s other statements that “democracy is fragile” — these are more than mere platitudes. If one studies the way in which members of the establishment use terms like “democracy,” one will find that what they mean is a kind of elite-managed democracy where public consensus is manufactured through propaganda.

In short, Trump and the populist uprising he spearheaded are threats to the elite’s ability to manage the masses and control what they believe. It is this notion of “democracy” that’s “fragile” and “must always be defended.” That’s how to reconcile blatant contradictions like that the elite is supposedly concerned about “democracy” but then proceeds to organize massive election fraud efforts in 2020. When the elite speaks of “democracy,” it is referring to its own hold on power.

That is the true meaning behind Biden’s statement.