In their psychotic and irrational crusade to persecute former President Donald Trump and everyone tied to him, the Democrats have repeatedly shown themselves willing to cross any line imaginable.

The Fifth Amendment is apparently one of those lines.

On Saturday, February 13, House Impeachment Manager and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin wrote a letter to Trump in which he said that “your refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding your actions (and inaction) on January 6, 2021.”

Of course, now that the Senate has just recently voted to acquit Trump of all charges, all such statements are totally moot, but they are worth examining anyway. They provide an excellent case study of the power-mad mentality of Democrats.

They show that power is the only thing that truly matters to these people. And for those unfortunate enough to be in their crosshairs—which, let’s face it, is ultimately at least half of America—it gives a glimpse of the kind of thing that will be coming for them and the kind of thing they must be ready for.

How the Democratic Elite Thinks

One would think that given the gravity inherent to an impeachment trial, it would be conducted according to the highest principles of the Western legal tradition, one of which is the presumption of innocence.

One would be wrong, though. To Jamie Raskin and the rest of the Democrats, Trump’s refusal to testify at his impeachment trial—a sound plan that any competent attorney would advise a client in similar circumstances to follow—is to be taken as prima-facie evidence of guilt. This directly contradicts the very basis of the Fifth Amendment.

What are the Democrats thinking here?

All of the psychotic caterwauling from the elite that everyone has heard for so many years now about “our democracy” and how Trump is supposedly a threat to it—even though he was duly elected in 2016 and would have been reelected in 2020 had it not been for truly mind-boggling levels of election fraud—has a secret meaning.

When most people think of “democracy,” they think of people voting on their political leaders and getting the policies enacted that they voted for. The idea, then, of a group of people endlessly whining about the supposed importance of “democracy,” but then organizing enormous efforts to steal and manipulate elections and prevent the public from learning accurate information about political candidates, seems, understandably, like rank hypocrisy. It seems absurd to prattle on about “democracy” and then scream for multibillion-dollar tech companies to censor any opinion that diverges from your own.

However, the elite in the Democratic Party don’t think of “democracy” in the way that most people think of it. When they talk about “our democracy,” they’re referring to their ability to manage the people, to rule over them, and to herd them like cattle into holding the “right” opinions.

When their ability to control the narrative is threatened, they interpret that as a threat to “democracy.”

That’s where insane ideas like Raskin’s notion that Trump must be impeached and convicted “for the safety and security of our democracy” come from.