For decades now, America has been slowly, but ever more clearly, dividing itself into two groups.

One group is a politically left-wing, urbanite, woke elite that has money, social status, or both. It is university-educated and thus carries the left-wing political views that the universities have been churning out with increasing aggressiveness.

The other group predominates in Middle America and the countryside more generally. It has essentially no social status since it is becoming increasingly acceptable to denigrate its members. Also, thanks to wage stagnation trends that, in one way or another, have been in operation for decades now, its total wealth is also shrinking.

However, there is a curious aspect to the composition of the elite in America today: It consists of a strange alliance between “woke” left-wing radicals and obscenely rich capitalists. Given the nature of these groups, this alliance is inherently unstable and cannot be expected to last.

All in all, everything points to America being in for some extraordinary instability in the years to come.

The Elite Have Made a Mess for Themselves

Populism has been an enormous threat to the power of the elite. Those in power have resorted to all sorts of underhanded means to retain their power against that threat.

They have funded, supplied, and offered to bail out rioters who set countless American cities ablaze for months in 2020. When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, they perceived the threat he represented and immediately proceeded to do anything possible to destroy him. According to a shocking and terrifying piece recently published by Time, they essentially admitted to rigging the 2020 presidential election.

All the while, those in the elite have done nothing to address the concerns that have spawned populism—particularly the economic concerns that have led to wage stagnation and a widening gap between rich and poor.

Any fool can see that this will only eventuate in upheaval.

The Woke and the Rich Are Together … but They Have Competing Interests

The woke left is totalitarian. It accepts nothing less than absolute obedience to its dictates. It also runs on an extreme variant of racial grievance politics in which all disparate life outcomes between racial groups are assumed—never proven—to be the result of oppression.

With this premise in tow, the woke left demands massive wealth redistribution from those whom they have designated “oppressors” to those whom they have designated as righteous victims.

Of course, the rich aren’t the only targets of this. Even poor Appalachian whites, who certainly don’t have it easy in life, have been denounced as “racists” by the woke crowd. Even these obviously underprivileged people are claimed to benefit from “systemic racism.”

But the rich are a natural target for woke revolutionaries for the simple reason that they are rich. As such, the rich CEOs who contribute to bail funds for rioters are—however much they may deceive themselves to the contrary—guardians of an establishment.

The rich may mouth the platitudes of the woke left so that they can maintain their social status and continue to be invited to fancy parties, but this fact makes the rich-woke coalition on the left inherently unstable. And given all of the problems that those in the elite face with the deplorables, there’s no way that it can hold together for long.