Biden’s ability to devastate the American economy and lay waste to thousands of American jobs has proven to be if anything, quite impressive.

Yet for all that, his schedule remains surprisingly light. Joe Biden hardly seems to be working at all.

What makes this all especially funny is that long before he ever entered politics, Trump was known as a marketing genius. His off-the-cuff — but often funny and devastatingly accurate — ways of branding his detractors with nicknames are well known.

It looks like Trump hit another ball out of the park when he decided to christen Biden “Sleepy Joe.”

Grandpa Joe Is Tired

Many reports have already pointed out that Joe Biden is an “early to bed” type. The media, of course, acts like there’s nothing wrong with this.

Rolling blackouts have left millions across Texas freezing because a corrupt energy utility that is essentially government-run was unable to meet people’s energy demand for the winter. People continue to suffer from COVID-19, despite Biden’s promises to speedily distribute vaccines. Illegals are deluging across the border and not being tested for COVID-19, but the Biden Administration doesn’t care. And the country as a whole, in state after state, is still groaning under the economic pain and the social devastation that has been wrought by the lockdowns.

And what is Joe Biden’s response to this? To go to bed at 7:00 p.m. every night.

What is the media’s response? To write stories about how Biden played Mario Kart with his granddaughter.

Just compare this to the seemingly inexhaustible energy that Trump had, how he was able to leave much younger staffers and cabinet members exhausted from work while he had barely broken a sweat.

Biden is incapable of doing his job. He is a tired, senile old man who should be living out his last years in peace. Instead, the media is working overtime and lying on a constant basis to prevent this obvious reality from flashing before too many people’s eyes.

But of course, the elite are fine with this because Biden is, after all, a placeholder. His person or individuality does not matter. All that matters is that with him as president, the establishment can continue to rule.

That says a lot about where we are as a nation right now.