Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at President Joe Biden’s handling of the military and the Defence Department in the two months since he has taken office, and that didn’t go down very well with the big boys.

Many figureheads in the military responded, launching juvenile attacks towards the talk show host, all for simply voicing an opinion that he is allowed to have.

However, the military firing back does not seem to worry Carlson, who compared their efforts to ‘silence’ him to their efforts to take down the Taliban.

The catalyst

Carlson took aim at the President’s handling of the military, but more so towards one of his significant appointments; that being the Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin.

Carlson heavily criticised this decision during his Friday night monologue, claiming that you are not supposed to notice all of the terrible flaws that Austin possess all because he is black.

Carlson is then quick to examine these flaws.

He states that Austin is the second defence secretary in a row who held a contact with Raytheon, who are an influential defence contractor in the US.

He claims that if this had been a move made in a Central American country, then cries of corruption would have erupted from the rooftops.

Carlson then goes onto make a very important point, something that really riled up the Pentagon, all because he was telling the truth.

He cites that the military cannot survive and protect their country if they are partisan, as that can lead to deadly consequences as seen throughout history.

Austin, however, is openly political and even subjected the armed services to a ‘political purity test’, which resulted in numerous servicemen and women having to leave the military if they held views that Austin found to be extreme.

The reaction

Military leaders were not best pleased with this fully deserved criticism and decided to lash out against the talk show host.

The targeted campaign against a member of the media, originating from the office of the Secretary of Defence, was a first for the military and has shown exactly the type of person Lloyd Austin can be, portraying classic left-wing tropes of not being able to deal well with people who have a different opinion.

However, Carlson does not seem fazed by the military at all.

In his monologue responding to the attacks launched against him by defence leadership, he simply joked that if the military treats him and Fox how they treated the Taliban, then everything is going to be just fine.