Tucker Carlson certainly kicked off an extraordinary firestorm when he deigned to criticize the military for its excessive wokeness.

Though it might seem like ancient history now, there was a time when the left was anti-militaristic. There was a time when the left opposed war and the military-industrial complex when it scoffed at the idea that criticizing the American military was “unpatriotic.”

My, how times have changed!

Now that the left essentially controls the Pentagon and has staffed the military’s high ranks with its own people, now that it has the ability to foist its woke agenda on soldiers with no concern for how its ideology affects combat readiness, all of those concerns about the evils of militarism have vanished in a puff of smoke.

When Tucker Carlson dared to criticize the military for insane policies like allowing pregnant women to fly combat planes and blatantly reducing female fitness standards for no other reason than to boost its quota of women and score political brownie points, the official response to him proved one thing beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The people who suspected that leftists in the 1960s only criticized the Vietnam War because it was directed at communists were right. The left was never anti-war on principle. The only thing the left cares about is its own hegemony.

Decadence in the Military

After Carlson went out and stated the obvious, the military came out and used official Twitter accounts to try to accuse him of hating women. People used to hold the quaint belief that the military was apolitical.

Those days are over. The military isn’t apolitical; it’s decadent. It has sold its soul in the service of ideological nonsense.

The End of American Military Supremacy?

Though it might be attractive to criticize Biden for making the military into a woke cesspit, the truth is that the armed forces have been slowly twisted in this direction for years, and the rot began to set in long before Biden got into power. Conservatives were caught sleeping at the wheel.

As James Hasson documented in his book “Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military,” this trend of infusing diversity requirements and far-left ideology into the military actually began in earnest under Obama, but conservatives, too caught up in their desire to “support the troops,” took no notice of it. Now military officers are apologizing for “microaggressions.”

And since Biden has infused the top brass of the military with woke ideologues like Lloyd Austin, there is no sign that this will change.

A military whose primary purpose is something other than winning wars will probably not win wars. These trends could therefore end up being fatal to America’s status as a global superpower.

This makes the warnings of military analysts like Andrei Martyanov, who has argued that America is actually overstating its real military and fighting capabilities seem distressingly reasonable.