Do Republicans hate all women?

Well, if you only take in Democrat media content and Twitter feeds, then the answer would probably be - yes.

On Wednesday, an altered version of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act was brought forward to the House.

The law provides added protection and resources for the victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

The bill passed by 244-172, 29 Republicans joined the 215 Democrats to vote for the bill, whilst all 172 votes against came from the Republican side.

However, the law contained two addons that many of the House Republicans couldn’t support.

What was the reaction?

Leftists were quick to dogpile onto the Republican Representatives, making audacious claims that they all support sexual violence against women when in reality this just isn’t the case.

Journalist David Leavitt tweeted out his reaction to the vote, claiming that all of the 172 ‘misogamists’ (or misogynists for the literate folk) need to be removed from their duly elected offices.

Qasim Rashid, a failed 2020 Democrat nominee for Congressional office in Virginia, attempted to link the vote to the horrific shooting that occurred in Atlanta, which resulted in the deaths of 8 women.

He claimed that the vote showed that House Republicans ‘just don’t care about women.’

The host of Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi, claimed that the shooting was down to a ‘hatred of Asian women’, despite multiple reports stating that the killer had no racial motivation for the crime.

She questioned how it was possible for House Republicans to vote against the act of what had occurred in Atlanta.

So, why did the Republicans vote against the VAWA?

Although most normal people, regardless of political affiliation, oppose any form of violence, Democrats have chosen to use violence against women to cover up their own political agendas.

House Democrats snuck two new clauses into the revised VAWA of 2021, clauses that made the act unattainable for the majority of the House GOP.

The first clause directly impedes American’s Second Amendment rights, by expanding on a federal firearm ban.

The ban currently bars anyone from owning a firearm if they have been convicted for any type of felony, as well as any misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

This new clause widens the scope of the ban, barring any individual who has been convicted on misdemeanor charges for sexual assault and stalking from owning any type of firearm.

The second clause that has been snuck into the bill involves the enforcement of transgender identity regarding the inmates of women’s shelters and prisons. The bill will allow prisons and shelters to adopt a policy where the sex of the transgender individual will be aligned to the sex that they identify with, throwing the concept of biological sex out of the tiny prison window.

This means that prisons and shelters will effectively be forced into allowing biological male criminals into the same facilities as biological women.

Last week, the Washington Correctional Center for Women started to take in inmates based on their gender identity, which led to six biological men being transferred into the facility.

It was reported soon after that one of the biological men had allegedly raped a female inmate after their arrival.

This clause alone is enough to force any sane politician to vote it down, as an act that is supposed to protect women from sexual violence is instead encouraging it by allowing biological male criminals to mix with vulnerable biological women, but the state of US politics today means that Republicans will be demonized by the media and the left because apparently, they’re the ones who hate women.