Now that Biden has been elected, Democratic buyer’s remorse — at least, by those members of the party who are not total ideologues — is a very real thing.

Increasing numbers of Democratic voters are coming around to the realization that they were fed a load of shameless propaganda by their political leaders. This propaganda held that Trump was some sort of ghastly aberration — that he flouted all established “norms”; that he was erratic, incompetent, and narcissistic; that he handled the response to the pandemic horribly, and that he was responsible for violence at the Capitol and around the country.

These people all thought, therefore, that a vote for Biden and Harris would represent a return to normalcy and stability. But as the results of the Biden Administration have begun flowing in, the scales have begun falling from their eyes.

Democrats Start Realizing the Truth About Biden

Democrats were promised that by electing Biden, the pandemic would end, the economy would open up, the violence in the country would be quelled, we would adopt a more humane stance toward the country’s immigration problems, and so on.

But instead, the lockdowns are still ruining people’s lives and destroying their livelihoods. The COVID vaccines are causing alarming numbers of adverse reactions that have even led to some deaths. Most of the country still remains locked down, and the only places beginning to open up are deep red states like Missouri and Texas. Countless thousands of people have swarmed over the southern border, thinking that Biden would let them all stay. There is now a massive humanitarian crisis there, and massive numbers of children are being kept in ICE facilities that are not equipped to deal with them — just like before.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was the darling of Democrats everywhere not long ago, is now embroiled in multiple sex scandals and evidently has the blood of at least 15,000 seniors on his hands.

To sum it all up, Democrats thought they were voting for reconciliation, but America now remains more divided than it has ever been since the end of the Civil War. There are no signs that this trend will reverse itself. Everything that could have gone wrong is going wrong.

You see, all of that propaganda that these voters once believed in kept the truth about Trump from them. Trump was a desperate and enraged reaction by a long-suffering and humiliated people against a corrupt elite that does not care about them.

For all of his flaws, Trump was a way for ordinary people to give the middle finger to a corrupt class of elites who hates them and who ruined their lives, their projects, their culture, their traditions, and ultimately, their country.

Handing the country back to these corrupt predators could only result in more destruction and chaos.

And now that these Democrats are beginning to see that, they can be added to the ranks of those angry people.

Alas, there will be no going back to normal because the current elite cares far more about maintaining power than it does about doing the right thing.