Joe Biden is a frail and demented old man. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge this truth is simply lying, whether to himself or others. This was obvious back when he was only just running for president, and with the passage of time, it has only become even more obvious.

The mainstream media’s constant water-carrying for him and his administration, its constant refusal to criticize him or subject him to any serious questioning, its endless parade of excuses and attempts to cover up his weakness and mental incapacity — these are not helping matters for Biden at all.

If anything, the media’s behavior is only drawing yet more suspicion from any and all observers of the scene who are even mildly astute.

In more ways than one, Biden’s whole presidency is a fake, a gigantic Potemkin village that the American public is asked, on a daily basis, to pretend is real.

The chronicle of Biden’s gaffes, missteps — both figurative and literal — verbal fumbles, and embarrassing showings is shockingly long. He has only been president for a little over two months, and already, one is unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

Here are just a few of the red flags.

Biden Is Seriously Unwell

Just looking at Biden shows his age. He’s 78 years old, and he certainly looks like it. When he speaks, he sometimes inadvertently comes off looking downright terrifying.

On a psychological level, a president is supposed to project vigor and strength. Biden does anything but. Instead, he stumbles and falls down flights of stairs, he trips over his own words and forgets what he was trying to say mid-sentence. He avoids reporters like the plague.

He’s forgotten which state he’s in many more times than once by now. At a town hall in Iowa, he asked people about what architecture there was in Ohio. And of course, we’ve all seen the deer-in-the-headlights look that Biden often gets when he forgets what he was trying to say.

Biden is notorious for often ending his days as early as 7 p.m. Compare this to the Herculean and seemingly inexhaustible energy of his predecessor.

Biden barely even knows where he is much of the time, and we’re all sitting here trying to pretend like he isn’t crumbling before our very eyes.

Mountains of evidence like this have led people to speculate that Biden will soon be removed from office so that Kamala Harris can be sworn in as president instead. When Biden has already referred to his VP as “President Harris” on multiple occasions, who can blame them for thinking so?

Biden is a weak, old man, and his presidency is fake. His handlers and staffers do everything for him, including drafting his executive orders. Biden just smiles and signs them, often without knowing what they are. He isn’t in charge of anything because he can barely string a sentence together much of the time.

This is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.