In recent weeks, Peter Doocy of Fox News had been the only White House press reporter asking questions that might trip Jen Psaki up, forcing her to ‘circle back’ numerous times.

However, a rare question of substance was asked from Steve Nelson of The New York Post, regarding the infamous Hunter Biden story.

He enquired about a Senate report that was released last year, that stated the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow had paid a company that had ties with the son of President Joe Biden $3.5 million.

As usual, Psaki was lacking the answers desired.

How did she respond?

After hearing the original question regarding the Senate report and what the money was spent on, Psaki stated that she was ‘not familiar with that claim,’ before going on to state that it ‘doesn’t sound like it is backed up with a lot of evidence.’

That’s right.

The White House Press Secretary for the Biden Administration claimed that a Senate report sounded as if it was lacking evidence.

Is she suggesting that the authors of the Senate report are simply lying?

Now that would be a wild accusation.

Naturally, her answer didn’t satisfy Nelson, who pressed her on the issue once again.

Upon the second time of asking, Psaki then claimed that she wasn’t familiar with the report.

So which is it?

Either she has enough information regarding the report to state, with confidence, that it lacks evidence, or, as she said in her second answer, she just isn’t familiar with it at all.

Hypocrisy at its finest!

One key thing to take away from both her answers is that she never actually denies what the report states, she just simply tries to take credibility away from it by doubting the evidence that is presented.


The press secretary claims that she was not familiar with the report, despite the information being widely known by the public since the last year, as well as the claims being hotly brought up for discussion by President Donald Trump TWICE in the presidential debates last year.

Imagine if this had been him, if Trump’s son had taken money from an individual familiar with someone from the Russian Government, it would be international news, day-to-day coverage and he would’ve been impeached for the 3rd time already.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is astounding, and the incompetence of the press secretary is terrifying.