‘Dr’ Jill Biden has been thrown into the spotlight once again, after the office of the First Lady denied reports that stated she was to lead a White House task force that would focus on reuniting immigrant families.

The mainstream media produced article after article praising Jill Biden, proclaiming her to be the savior of illegal immigrants, anointing her the leader of this prestigious White House task force!

Now, her office has stated that she ‘never held a formal role’ within the task force, shattering media and immigrant hearts alike.

What’s the timeline?

In January, multiple high-profile media outlets such as The Huffington Post and Forbes ran articles that declared Jill Biden would be the spearhead of a White House task force that would seek to reunite the families of immigrants who have been separated at the border.

In the same month, she hosted a video call with a group of young Latinos, whom she said that her office will be working on the efforts to unify families.

A noble cause for the doctor who actually isn’t a doctor.

However, now it seems this was all a lie.

Or was it?

The Biden Administration has been taking a fair amount of criticism recently for the situation at the southern border, which is worsening by the day.

Who can be surprised?

President Joe Biden’s campaign was built on the theme of unity, a theme that happened to include amnesty for illegal immigrants entering the United States.

This triggered a flood of illegals attempting the cross the US-Mexico border, many of which admitted that they would have never attempted to cross if President Donald Trump had remained in office, due to his strong border position.

Now, after numerous reports all stated that Jill Biden was up to take the leadership of the task force that was attempting to reunite migrant families, she has suddenly backed away, nowhere to be seen.

Politico ran an article that included comments from her office, which stated that she does not, nor has she ever, held a role in the task force.

This comes as advocates for illegal immigrants are starting to believe that Jill Biden backed away from the task force due to the high amount of criticism the administration is receiving regarding the situation at the border.

Does Jill Biden want to distance herself from her husband’s woes?

The current trend of her actions suggests this is all but true.