The American Dream is in danger of disappearing if Democrats get their way. Recent events have proven that Democrats in Washington D.C. are out to stop anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Warren’s Twitter War Against Amazon

The first event occurred with an innocent tweet from Amazon about minimum wage laws. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) shot back, saying that she would fight Big Tech to break up companies, make them pay their fair share, and break up powerful companies. Obviously, Warren wants to break up Big Tech not so to help America’s small businesses but so that they are not powerful enough to hackle Democratic senators.

Senate Filibuster

The second recent event that proves that Democrats are ready to shatter the American Dream is their attempt to eliminate the Senate filibuster. Even though Democrats used the process intended to allow the minority to have a say 314 times during President Trump’s presidency, they now see the process as so flawed that it must be eliminated.

Help Democrat Redistricting Efforts

Since the Senate has 50 people on each side, eliminating the senate filibuster is nothing more than an attempt to stop redistricting efforts, which, if they are successful, will make American elections irrelevant. Do not fall for the line that the Senate filibuster is racist because it has existed since the 1700s, and they never had a problem with it before.

For the People Act

Another important reason that the Democrats are trying to eliminate the Senate filibuster is to pass the For The People Act. This law designed to federalize United States election regulations will not pass unless the Senate filibuster is eliminated.

The Democrats are trying to eliminate the power of persuasion. If they succeed, the American Dream will fail.