Cancel culture… the ugly mistress that never seems to disappear, continuously lurking around your presence, waiting for you to put a foot out of line in order to strike.

Politicians, media figures, celebrities, and even just regular people have all experienced the devastating effects of cancel culture, a practice that is very quickly becoming a plague infecting our society and way of life.

Those who feed the mob by bending the knee (quite literally) are also to blame, as they encourage the behavior to continue round and round until it swallows us all.

High-profile figures and celebrities, who are often on the receiving end of cancel culture, will apologize for the tiniest of errors, whilst being publicly shamed and humiliated by the mob.

Those who apologize, those who bend the knee; are directly responsible for the growth of this plague, but what shouldn’t be apologized for?

Stand firm against the mob, or it will swallow you whole

Cancel culture has been used to wreck careers and personal relationships of those who have made a simple mistake in the past; an old tweet, an old photograph will be used against you by the mob if you refuse to conform to their beliefs.

There are many who claim that the benefits of cancel culture far outweigh the repercussions of the practice, however, those people are dead wrong.

There will be times when you need to apologize, however, these times are completely based on each specific case.

There are broader examples where many in the limelight have capitulated to the mob when they didn’t need to, one of these examples being actions or words used in the past.

A local councilor candidate in England was dragged through the mud and relived from his candidacy after an old tweet from 10 years ago revealed, where he used some pretty unsavory language regarding other politicians.

10 years ago.

No one, and I mean no one, is the same person now when compared with that time frame.

Even in the space of a year or two, a lot can change, perspectives and opinions can change, yet many of us have to suffer under the ruthlessness of cancel culture for saying or doing things in the past that no longer reflect our present-day position.

The death of comedy

One group that is subjected to the intensity of cancel culture is that of comedians, a profession that has suffered throughout the years due to political correctness and ‘wokeness’.

Comedy is incredibly subjective, however, many agree that the best form of comedy is shocking and offensive, as the jokes that the comedian is making would be almost unexpected and unheard of.

However, numerous comedians have now come face to face with cancel culture for the nature of their jokes, from the past or from the present, it does not matter.

Comedians also come under fire for their acts, with many branded as ‘cultural appropriation’ if they dress a certain way for their performance, and the same problem occurs with singers and dancers.

The fact of the matter is that ‘cultural appropriation’ is completely made up, it’s not real.

If it was a thing, then our culture would still be stuck in the 1700s, and the last time I checked - a lot has changed since then.

The issue is that these are just a few examples of what can get a person ‘canceled’.

There are many more, many of which result in harsher consequences for the victim.

Examples such as loving the history of your country and being proud of your race (if you are white that is) can result in cruel cancellation.

The fact is that cancel culture should never have been allowed to exist in the first place, it’s an abhorrent practice that needs to be eradicated.

If you feel like that you shouldn’t have to apologize for something you said or did in the past then don’t, don’t feed the beast, don’t let it grow.