NBA star, and forward player for the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, has stated that he is ‘tired’ of seeing female athletes complain about the pay gap between female and male basketball players.

He states that the very same athletes who are complaining about unequal pay are the same ones who are doing absolutely nothing to address the issue themselves.

His own complaint comes after US Women’s Football star Megan Rapinoe addressed the issue of alleged unequal pay whilst speaking at the White House at the end of March.

Full comments

Green stated in an interview regarding a series of his own tweets that he believes female athletes in the US were ‘doing themselves a disservice’ by constantly complaining about alleged unequal pay.

He carries on, stating that these female athletes are ‘just complaining’ and that they are not *‘setting out the steps that they can take to change that.’ *

He concludes by claiming that the complaints of the female athletes are just ‘falling on deaf ears,’ as one of the main reasons why the US women’s football side earns less than the males is due to the lack of revenue they bring into the sport.

Rapinoe and US Soccer

Megan Rapinoe is the key spearhead in the movement to get equal pay for the US women’s soccer side.

Rapinoe is arguably one of, if not the greatest female footballer the US has ever seen, winning a total of four world cups and four Olympic Gold medals.

However, she claims that she has been ‘disrespected and dismissed’ in her fight because she is a woman, a claim that has fallen on baseless shoulders.

Rapinoe, who is believed to be worth close to $3 million, made the claim whilst speaking about unequal pay at a White House event on March 24th, an invitation she rejected when offered to by former President Donald Trump after the US’ world cup win in 2019.

She claims that she is still being paid less than the male stars even though she has been more successful than them, however, the men’s team arguably generate more income than the women’s team due to the fact there is a higher interest in men’s football then there is for the women’s game.

In March 2019, the US women’s team launched a lawsuit against the US Football Association, claiming they were discriminating pay against the female players because of their gender.

A major part of the lawsuit was dismissed in May 2020, after the judge presiding over the case pointed out that the women’s side has rejected a pay structure similar to that of the men’s team after they had negotiated their own collective bargaining agreements.