The internet has everything. Cat videos, for example, have been a viral trend for a while now, and they’ve spawned all kinds of other cat-related internet content in their wake that has become hugely popular.

In fact, one Twitter account recently put together a thread that is simply called “Places Where Cats Shouldn’t Be.” The account has a whopping 644,800 followers as of right now, and the thread in question is just what it sounds like: It’s a place for people to share cool, cute or funny pictures of cats being where they shouldn’t be.

People just can’t get enough of it. Here are five of the most stand-out selections from the thread:

1. An Arresting Image

Cats have an adorable tendency to take naps in completely inappropriate and awkward places. The fact that cats do this and are completely oblivious to what they’re doing only serves to make such situations both more absurd and more cute at the same time.

This image shows a man laid out on the ground on his stomach, his hands cuffed behind his back. And as the police officers and the laid-out motorcycle nearby suggest, he was probably arrested for speeding or driving his bike recklessly.

It seems like a serious situation, until you notice that an adorable little cat has decided to make itself at home right on the arrested man’s back and take a nap there.

2. Feline Cheekiness

Taking blatant feline cheekiness to a whole new level, this image shows a cat sitting on a stone staircase and gazing right into the camera. And on the very step on which the kitten sits is written, in massive red letters, “Please Do Not Sit Here.”

The hilarity is too obvious for words.

3. Excess Baggage

One adorable and amusing photograph taken at what appears to be an Israeli airport shows a group of three cats sitting, without a care in the world, on the conveyor belt at the baggage claim area. Without a doubt, this incident must have given their owner quite the headache, but it’s given great laughs to the rest of us.

  1. Robo Kitty?

Cats, especially really small ones, have a way of finding their way into the strangest little nooks and crannies. Case in point, this photo, in which a white, fluffy kitten sits scrunched up in a small compartment in what looks like the inside of a computer, surrounded by a motherboard, wires and all kinds of other hardware.

The contrast is jarring but in the cutest way.

  1. I Sit, Therefore I Am

Another photo shows an adorable little gray kitten who somehow made it up to the top of a perch holding up some of his owner’s house plants. What especially makes this cute is both how small the little perch on which the cat is sitting — barely small enough to contain him, even as he scrunches himself together — and how innocently the cat gazes out into the distance.