James Charles, who won Nickelodeon’s 2021 Teen Choice Award for Best Male Social Star, has recently lost around 2 million viewers. This is almost certainly due to a new controversy surrounding the YouTuber. Charles admits that he may have been sexting with some of his underage followers but continues to insist that he thought the boys were 18 years old. Over 7,800 people have signed a petition to remove James Charles as the winner of the award as of April 6.

Holding Corporations Responsible for User Actions

Matt Hoskins, who started a petition, is also asking for Nickelodeon and YouTube to be held accountable for what is happening on their platforms. James Charles had over 27 million viewers on his YouTube channel. After announcing that James Charles would return as a host in YouTube’s Instant Influencer, the company now says that he will not return to the show, which has more than 51 million viewers for the second season.

A YouTube representative told Vanity that the show would be taking a new direction during its second season and thanked James Charles for his hard work during the first season.

Allegations Against James Charles

According to tweets, James Charles tried to manipulate two straight men, Tati Westbrook and Sam Cooke, into having sexual relationships with him. Lifeofuzzy says he told James Charles that he was 17 years old but that the star tried to engage him in a sexual encounter. James Chares had already lost followers because of his public feud with fellow beauty influencer Tati Westbrook.

James Charles said that he is working hard to hold himself more accountable in the future as even more allegations come to light.