On March 24, Democratic Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan set off a firestorm of controversy when he fired off a tweet alleging that the company’s workers are forced to “urinate in water bottles.”

The tweet was made in response to another tweet from Amazon’s retail business CEO Dave Clark, who said that Amazon offers all of its employees a “progressive workplace.” Pecan sought to give the lie to this idea.

Shortly thereafter, Amazon responded to Rep. Pocan’s tweet and attacked him for making such a suggestion. However, now, even Amazon itself is acknowledging that its response to Pocan was an “own-goal.”

Amazon has since had to acknowledge that the substance of Pocan’s allegation was true, and the company is now in damage control mode.

Amazon in Damage Control

In a recent statement on the whole controversy, Amazon has had to acknowledge that this is truth in what Rep. Pocan had said.

“First, the tweet was incorrect,” the statement read, referring to Amazon’s own response. “It did not contemplate our large driver population and instead wrongly focused only on our fulfillment centers. The tweet did not receive proper scrutiny. We need to hold ourselves to an extremely high accuracy bar at all times, and that is especially so when we are criticizing the comments of others.”

The online retail giant acknowledged, that sometimes, its drivers, especially when they are making deliveries using rural roads and out-of-the-way roads, can have trouble locating restrooms and may therefore have to resort to using water bottles in order to relieve themselves.

The company then vowed to investigate the problem and solve it. “We don’t yet know how,” Amazon’s statement read, but we will look for solutions.

The fact that Amazon is involved as deeply as it is in everything from deplatforming political dissidents to prohibiting the sale of controversial books that question left-wing orthodoxy only makes the way in which it treats its workers seem all the more horrendous.