Facebook Oversight Board to Hear Trump Case

A Facebook oversight board may be giving former President Donald Trump control over his social media account sooner than you may think.

According to Politico, this board is expected to make a ruling in Trump’s case after the social media giant silenced him following the January 6 attacks at the US Capitol. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stripped Trump of his social media rights after his alleged involvement in the riots of that fateful day.

History of Oversight Board

The Facebook oversight board was formed shortly before the 2020 presidential election. The members consist of independent scholars and lawyers designed to rule on cases of Facebook content restrictions. So far, the board has heard six cases and ruled against Facebook five of those times.

The rulings demonstrate that the panel of experts highly values free speech. This could be good news for Trump as he looks to regain his popular social media presence.

What is in Question

The primary question is whether or not Facebook was clear on its policies about the incitement of violence. Some experts believe that Trump may win this ruling because Facebook has not always been clear about its rules.

Others claim that Trump should have been aware that he was always going to be highly scrutinized for any of his content. It is no secret that Facebook and the former president had been at odds for months leading up to the incident. As such, Trump should have known that he was walking on thin ice.

Facebook is not the only social media company to prohibit Trump from posting. Most notably, Twitter permanently banned Trump.